I'm Enrique Velasco

Giving Solutions to assets

for 3D animation, videogames and VFX

Generating animator friendly rigs. Creating motion systems for 3D characters, creatures and props. Planning each asset as unique. Developing technical solutions to specific deformations. Improving the speed of the rigs with parallel and gpu optimized assets.

Process automation, new tools to solve production needs, plugins and custom nodes to allow new functionalities.

Creating tools that help the production: asset tracking, publishing toolkit with checks, shot evolution and tracking, scene dressing and multiple editorial versions.


I’m a 3D character rigger, based in Barcelona. I started learning informatics to become an engineer, until rigging came across. I’m really fascinated with the 3D world and everything that this involves. I love to create 3D characters and set their mechanics. During my 3D animation and VFX degree I worked for a video game company, teaching rigging 101 at La Salle, and involved in several Artella projects, improving my skills and learning how a pipeline is set. In my last year I have been combining my studies and my work at Minimo VFX. I’m currently working there and available for some external jobs

Assets for: